Birthdate: March 28, 1979 Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm,  Weight: 48kg,  Body: 32-24-32
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother, and Younger Brother
Religion: Buddhism
Talents: Plays Piano, Ballet, Gayagum
Hobbies: Listening to music, Watching videos,
Playing with puppies
Nickname: Bright Circle Moon
Favorite Flower: Calla
Character Traits: Bright, Optimistic, Honest
Bad Habits: A deep sleeper, completely unaware
of things going on around her
Dislikes: Arrogance, Show-offs
Debut: 1994 Miss HaeTae

2008: Powerful Opponents
2007: Dahl-Jah's Spring
2006: Secret Legend of Kang Xi Dynasty
2005: Princess Sheng Ping
2005: Lost City in Snow Heaven (Cameo)
2004: Warriors of the Yang Clan
2004: Oh! Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young
2004: Love at the Aegean Sea       
2003: Over the Green Fields
2002: We Are Dating Now
2001: Four Sisters
2000: All About Eve
2000: Cheers for the Women             
2000: Air Force
1999: I'm Still Loving You
1999: Kaist
1999: Lost One's Way/ The Song of Hope
1998: Shy Lover
1998: Jump               
1998: As We Live Our Lives      
1998: My Mother's Daughters  
1997: Ban Buhl Ee
1996: A Daughter's Choice     
1995: Pair      
1994: Journey
1994: Warm River
Photo Album
Park Sang Wook (aka Park Yun Jae)
(Chae Rim's Brother)

Birthdate:  Jan. 14, 1981
Height: 183cm, Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: A
Talents: Jazz Dance
Musical "Guys and Dolls"
2001 Model Commercial Book
2002 drama "Mang Family Golden Age"
2002 movie "The Coast Guard"  (with JDG)
2007 movie "Bravo My Life"
2008 drama "Spotlight" (MBC)

2007: KBS Drama Awards- Top Excellent
Female         in Acting Award
2007: China's BQ- Asia's Top Favorite                 
         Entertainment Star Award
2006: China"s Annual Golden TVS Awards-      
         Most Popular International Star Award
2000: SBS Drama Awards- Popular Actress          
1999: Baek Sang Awards- Top Excellance in       
         Performing Arts Award for Best New         
1999: MBC Drama Awards- Popular Actress        
         Award & Best Couple Award
1998: MBC Drama Awards- New Actress Award